We LOVE this.

Our office is all over the color wheel when talking about our favorite colors, and even more so with the reasons why we favor them over others. What we love even more is the breakdown of colors and their uses in marketing, politics, emotions, and the familiar brands that are associated with each found below.

It’s pretty interesting.

Something that we got a kick out of is that the color yellow “increases cheerfulness and warmth”, but it also “makes babies cry”…we have it on good authority that many nurseries are painted in various hues of the shade by expecting parents. What gives?

Color psychology is a well-known, yet less explored branch of the study of how our brain perceives what it visualizes. As far as scientific research goes, there is not much to work with. However, the impact that colors have on our brains is used to manipulate our decision making by multiple facets of society. There is a reason why people prefer certain colors over others. This preference says volumes about our personalities, because each color has an association with a reaction our brain has when we internalize it.

For consumers, color plays a pretty big part in our purchasing decisions.

84.7%, in fact.

Take a look at the diagrams below that further dive into what color means to us emotionally, and to our wallets.

Anything stand out in particular to you?? We would love to hear different perspectives!






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