“When it comes to Zillow’s Zestimates, you have to take the numbers with a grain of salt.”

As the saying goes: “Some things are just too good to be true”.

Welcome to Zillow.

Great photos of properties (well, most of the time), property facts and features, location, history- so much information  conveniently right at your fingertips.

Then there are Zestimates…which are seemingly full of price errors, and missing data.


“Are faulty Zillow estimates irritating, dangerous, somewhere in the middle? It all depends on your personal situation. A real estate investor, a seller in a high-end neighborhood, or an obsessive real estate watcher may be able to brush off a $15,000 error. But for many people across the country, the word of Zillow might as well be the word of God. So, yeah, dangerous.”

Whether you are in the market to buy a home, or sell yours, this article from Realty Times discussing Zillow and its Zestimates is well-worth your time. Click the link below for more!

Can You Trust Zillow’s Home Price Zestimate?

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