Is it time to refinance? Well, doing so before the holidays will be sure to bring you and your family a little extra holiday cheer!

Why? How? Here’s what to consider.

Housing Prices

Many homeowners are staying in their current homes as the housing market is skyrocketing in prices, thus building them more equity. If you aren’t in the market to sell, refinancing is a great option.


Rates still remain historically low, so taking advantage of them sooner than later before they go up again will make you (and your wallet) very happy. With today’s market, you never know when they are going to rise again.

Extra holiday cheer, indeed!

Opting to do a cash-out refinance on your built up equity can put more money in your pocket. Whether you decide to splurge more on Christmas gifts, that vacation you have been needing, or simply just want to pay off some of those lingering debts, having the extra cash will certainly add to that holiday cheer. Starting the New Year off with less financial burdens is always a plus!

SO- what is the process of refinancing your current home? We broke it down for you below.

Of course, our team is always available to answer any questions you may have. 


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